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AlterECO’s Personalized Design Services Package (PDSP) is a cost-effective, enjoyable approach to professional,

ecologically-responsible kitchen design that is tailored to your life.

Our PDSP services include: in-depth consultation, detailed drawings, and a clear cabinetry estimate - providing a beautiful, highly functional design that truly fits your life - including a healthier, happier home and planet. And your cabinets need not be bamboo: that’s just been our featured material - due it’s natural beauty, modern/transitional aesthetic, and regenerative qualities.

Contents - The PDSP includes the following:

● Preparation: We begin with a thorough review of your project. Whether you have no drawings at all, a simple sketch or detailed architectural drawings, AlterECO’s design process will be shaped to your needs.

● Consultation: We will communicate via email, phone, and/or zoom to clarify details of the project and to discuss exciting possibilities (relax & enjoy!)

● Collaboration: We will work closely with you, and we are happy to collaborate with others on your design team (if you have one) - architect / interior designer / contractor / cabinetmaker.

● Design Drawings + Specs: We will create design drawings (plan, elevation & perspective views) that clearly indicate the desired features. We will also provide design specifications documentation.

● Estimate: Our global clientele get the same detailed price estimate that would apply to a customer in our cabinetry delivery zone - the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a valuable tool for budget-setting and to help in selecting a custom cabinet shop (or cabinetry brand) that services your area.

● Beyond Cabinets: While cabinetry forms the heart of the kitchen and is thus the focus of our process, the PDSP also offers guidance in selecting and sourcing hardware/accessories, countertops, backsplash, appliances, sinks, flooring, and more that are aligned with our (and your) healthy, eco-friendly values.

Basis: The PDSP services are based on a “typical” 10x10 kitchen layout. Larger &/or more complex projects may require an increased design fee. We will strive to accurately assess this at the beginning, and we will also alert you if changes to the job are leading to a higher design cost than anticipated. Note that plumbing, electrical, and other code-related aspects of the project will require review and verification by the appropriate professionals. Regardless of project size or complexity, the PDSP assures the most cost-effective approach to the design of your kitchen.

Timeline: We recommend allowing 6-8 weeks to work through the design process together. A rewarding remodel or renovation is one that’s not rushed. Taking the time for mindful design can be critical to long-term satisfaction.

Why AlterECO design, when AlterECO cabinets are not available in my area? Good question! While we deliver cabinets only to the San Francisco Bay Area, chances are there is a cabinet shop nearer to you that would be well qualified to build custom cabinetry to our specifications. And we can help make that happen. Or we can help you make wise choices from a national brand. Maybe, refacing your current cabinetry makes more sense. Or simply sprucing-up and reorganizing what you already have. Our expertise and experience as creators of highly functional, affordable, eco-friendly (even regenerative) kitchens will help assure you get the fine quality, modern or transitional aesthetic you want - while being kind to your health, friendly to the environment, and supportive of your local economy. AlterECO can help you choose and follow the kitchen "regeneration" path that is best for you and help you make the most of your investment - functionally, financially, healthfully, and ecologicaly.

Price - $997*

Pay securely online via this link. (*see “Basis” above)

We hope we can be of service! Contact us if you have any questions.